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Hitachi Soe Electric & Machinery


Company Name Hitachi Soe Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd (HISEM)
Paid Up Capital USD 45 Millions (Hitachi Group 51%, SEM 49%)
Chairman U Kyaw Min Htun
Managing Director Mr.Yasumasa Hayashi
Work Force 613 Staffs
Plant Area Plant Area Site…40,000m2
Bank Reference SMBC Bank, BTMU Bank, KBZ Bank, CB Bank
Production Capacity & Range Distribution Transformer…8,000Pcs/yr Over
Power Transformer…800,000 kVA/yr
Rated Voltage Class 6.6kV, 11kV, 33kV, 66kV
Maintenance & Repair Service Repair & maintenance of electrical transformers 50-100,000 kVA with different system voltages Mobile Unit and service teams headed by know-how experienced staffs around the clock.
Outline of Business Manufacturing, Installation, Leasing, Maintenance, Repair & Sales of Electrical Transformers, switchgear and transformer related accessories.
Mainly Supply to Government Tender Project, System Improvement Project, Industrial Zone, Construction